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The following is a list of reference work that we recently accomplished.   While customer names and project specifics are kept confidential, we would be pleased to provide customer contact information for serious inquiries: 

Customer Type
Market strategy refinement and business plan development Wind Power Developer
Completion of 100 MW Wind power project development Wind Power Developer
Wind turbine supply acquisition strategy and contract review Several Wind Power Providers
Renewable energy business entry point analysis, strategy and tactics    Private Equity Fund
Investment analysis of equipment providers in the wind power supply chain Several Capital Mgmt. Firms
Company and project structure, including technology assessment Geothermal Power Developer
Dual-fuel power plant O&M economics and organization Independent Power Provider
Preparation of 120 MW wind power project data room, manage asset sale Wind Power Developer
Vertical Axis Wind TurbineTechnology product and business development International Manufacturer
Waste to Energy project development and finance business start-up WTE Developer/Owner
Wind turbine manufacturer acquisition due diligence & business planning Private Equity Fund
Sustainable energy evaluation and asset planning for one UAE Emirate Local Investment Authority
Preparation of 500MW wind power project data room, support asset sale Wind Power Developer
Professional sales strategy and implementation for community wind turbine supply Wind Turbine Manufacturer


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courtesy of Vestas

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